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Finance & Insurance

Finance and insurance companies typically have well-developed data warehouse environments. Many are also in the early stages of using these data sources for deploying business intelligence and predictive marketing applications. Credit and mortgage risk have been two areas where necessity has driven data mining and modeling applications forward. By and large though, companies are not yet fully leveraging their data sources for database marketing initiatives.

We aim to work with your internal marketing group to uncover insights into your business and customers to develop highly accurate analytic solutions custom to your strategic objectives. We also aim for knowledge transfer in your analytics team and routine, if welcome, to change the historical dependency that many database marketing groups in this industry have had on external vendor solutions. We have a core philosophy based on a data mining life cycle within organizations. We aim to facilitate movement along that life cycle with each of our clients. We can work separately with your marketing, product, finance and IT departments to facilitate this change to an fully integrated and optimal CRM Strategy. Our initial introduction to your company may be in a simple two week analytic engagement, or it might be the first step towards a long term partnership working toward a vision of an Analytical CRM corporate strategy. To that end, here are some of the services we typically provide to our financial and insurance clients:

» Data integration, data profiling, and data cleansing
» Response to direct mail and non-direct media marketing campaigns
» Credit risk and mortgage default modeling
» Fraud detection
» List generation, customer segmentation, customer profiling


News & Events

Chicago, April 26,2017
Core Analytics launches Genomicore, providing genomic-based analytics solutions for healthcare

Chicago, July 23,2017
Core Analytics IP and business assets are being divested. Those interested in coreanalytics.com, LLC-related assets, additional domains in the analytics and IoT/Machine Learning space are encouraged to visit GoDaddy Auctions or reach out directly via the contact number listed on the site.